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Renshinkai Aikido for Adults and Kids
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Nick Kilislian Sensei

Nick Kilislian Sensei has been doing Aikido for over 30 years, training under all of the top Yoshinkan Aikido teachers around the world, from 6th to 9th dan.

Nick Sensei chose to follow Chida Soke after his resignation as the Yoshinkan headmaster and founding his own organization of Aikido Renshinkai, and is now in direct affiliation with it. In Japan, Aikido Richmond Hill dojo is formally known as Komeikan.

Some of the important milestones of Sensei's Aikido journey:

  • 1990 Began Aikido training under T. Kimeda 9th dan.
  • 1993-1995 Graduated from Yoshinkan Senshusei program in Tokyo (Tokyo Riot Police Course; Instructors Program).
  • 2008 Aikido Komeikan (Aikido Richmond Hill) is established.
  • 2011 Successfully passed Godan (5th degree black belt) examination in Tokyo.
  • 2017 Received 6th Degree Black Belt (Master rank) from Chida Sensei in Tokyo.
Aikido is a shield, not a sword

- Nick Kilislian Sensei

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